Free products:SVAKOM Echo Violet – Rechargeable, Tongue-Shaped Vibrator – Waterproof Dildo – Vibrating Personal Massager – Sex Toys for Women & Couples – Intelligent & Quiet – reviews Amazon

SVAKOM Echo Violet - Rechargeable, Tongue-Shaped Vibrator - Waterproof Dildo - Vibrating Personal Massager - Sex Toys for Women & Couples - Intelligent & Quiet

CUSTOMIZABLE REALISTIC & SEXY PLAY TIME: While other vibrators give you boring and monotonous vibrations, SVAKOM Echo can start with vibrant foreplay to strong pulsing to powerful orgasms. Take masturbation or couple sexy time to the next level!
SMALL BUT WITH POWERFUL VIBRATIONS: Dildos have never been this powerful! Echo offers penetrations and finger like clitoral play! Manual sexual pleasure has never been this easy! Find your spot, and enjoy this adult stimulator all day long!
WHISPER QUIET: Other handheld masturbator products are so noisy you can`t even hear your own imagination. Male or female, sometimes all you want is to enjoy your pocket rocket without announcing it to the world!
RECHARGEABLE & SPLASH RESISTANT: Clean it regularly and use it in the bed or in the kitchen, it`s possible! This vibrater wand is 100% splash resistant. Plus you can enjoy the magic longer because each charge can last up to 2 hours! Just pluģ this didlo every after use.
CAN DOUBLE AS A MASSAGING TOY: Long day? This viberater can be used on your back, neck, shoulder, hand and any part of your body for deep tissue massage! With muscles relaxed, this is the best sextoy for foreplay!

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  1. This is the first vibrator I have ever purchased, I shopped around and read the reviews on so many vibrators and settled on this one.I have yet to be disappointed! The size is perfect, it fits right in the palm of your hand, which allows for incredibly control over pressure and positioning.The vibrations have 5 intensities and 5 modes of pattern. From a deep rumble vibration to a more buzzy vibration. This product caters to all preferences, while being incredibly user friendly.**Added bonus! The Echo is SO quiet, if you`re worried about children or a housemate hearing you, this is the product for you, its very discrete.

  2. Love, love love!!! I usually use a Magic Wand, and bought this to travel, as the Magic Wand is much too big and loud for anything other than home-alone use. This is of course not as powerful as the Magic Wand (which is the ultimate mega-vibe), but was plenty powerful to get me there, even though I`m relatively spoiled by both my boyfriend (who`s quite gifted) and the magic wand! Better yet, it`s nearly silent, so can be used pretty much anywhere!I`ve had other compact vibes before but this one by far wins out in terms of power and quietness. I`ve only used it once thus far, but a few hours` charging was enough for 30 minutes or so of use, and the other reviews seem to indicate that one charge will be enough for several sessions.It`s much smaller than I thought, which also ended up being a good thing for my purposes. It`s pretty thin, and only about 3" long.The contour makes it such that you`re holding the part with the buttons a centimeter or so from your pubic bone rather than curving it totally against your body. This makes for pretty comfortable solo use. I think it would be good for rear-entry couples play, but may get in the way of most positions if you`re facing your partner.

  3. My partner loves this toy. Once you find the right setting, it`s comfortable to use and extremely… potent. Strikes the right balance between shape, material, and vibration strength. Rechargeable battery is a huge benefit and it lasts a surprisingly long time. My only complaint, enough to deduct a star in hopes that SVAKOM can improve it on their next model, is the poor design of the options button. It is difficult to press properly while in position to cycle through settings at will, and their automatic option is not a good alternative, at least for my partner. It is easy while cycling settings to accidentally turn the vibrator off and have to start over in trying to find the setting you were looking for, resulting sometimes in 20-30 seconds of distraction fumbling with the device mid-sex.Overall great product, especially fond of the shape which makes it comfortable to cup in your hand while using for long durations.

  4. In truth I would give this 4.5 if I could because my only issue is with the buttons – they are sometimes hard to press, and I would have preferred larger, softer buttons that might be easier to manipulate while having fun. Still, a great toy with great results!Pros:- numerous settings- enjoyable range of vibration strengths- small and discrete (wouldn`t be embarrassed if someone else found it in my home)- beautifully smooth texture- easy to clean- rechargeable batteryCons:- buttons are sometimes hard to press

  5. Liked the smaller size made great for use with my husband. Works great. Clean up is easy. Charges quickly. I bought 2 more svakom products after seeing how well this was made. Quality of the Svakom toys is out of this world. Packaging was super discreet. Great for couples and first time toy buyers.

  6. This might be one of the best vibrators I`ve bought on Amazon. I feel like it`s always a gamble, trying to find a vibrator on Amazon under $50, I`ve definitely ended up with some duds. This one is a winner though.The design is really appealing: small, soft and curved to fit your hand/body well. It has quite a few patterns and speeds. Usually I don`t even bother with the pulses/patterns on vibrators, but these are actually really nice. It feels very powerful for being so small. It charges fast, and the battery lasts over an hour. My favorite part: this might be the quietest vibrator I`ve ever owned! I love my hitachi magic wand, but can`t really use it if my roommate is home. With this lil vibe, I don`t even have to worry about the sound.So far, i haven`t found anything not to like about this toy. I`m pretty impressed with it and have recommended it to a couple friends.If you need further convincing: last night both my vibrator and my phone had dead batteries and I only had 1 charging adapter. I definitely did not choose to charge my phone first…

  7. I was looking for something that my wife and I could use together and the SVAKOM Echo has been great. We’ve tried other toys but they can be cumbersome, hard to position, or in the way to use during the act. The echo is small and can be incorporated in a variety of ways without any disruption. Dispite the small size it really packs a punch. There are several settings and intensities and the charge is long lasting.

  8. I was looking for something that could easily fit between my partner and I in the missionary position. I typically manually stimulate while we make love, but recently suffered a shoulder injury that put the kibosh on my usual technique. This device is smaller than I expected, but doesn’t lack power in the least. I love the options for vibration strength, and I didn’t need any fancy patterns like some vibes have nowadays. The texture of the vibe is smooth, and easy to clean. It’s discreet and easy to slip into a carry on or your purse. I would recommend this to my Mom, sisters, and friends.

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