Free products:RTIC Travel to Go 20 oz 30 oz and 40 oz Tumbler – reviews Amazon

RTIC Travel to Go 20 oz 30 oz and 40 oz Tumbler

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Designed to keep your 12oz can or bottle ice cold.
The RTIC can is vacuum insulated and utilizes a locking gasket to seal in the cold.
No sweat exterior keeps the outside dry.
Constructed from premium grade, 18/8 stainless steel that’s non-toxic, Non-leaching and BPA free.
Easy to clean.

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  1. I don`t post reviews often but I had to for this product. I bought my husband a Yeti lowball rambler for Christmas and he loved it. It was his "go to" cup for his nighttime "wind-down" drink … until this cup came along! We`re going to the beach this weekend and I wanted a couple of tumblers to keep our drinks cold. My husband suggested I look at Yeti alternatives due to the price. Based on excellent reviews, I ordered two RTIC 20 oz tumblers. They arrived within 2 days (I love Amazon Prime!) and my husband used his immediately. Here`s a pic of the drink he made last night at 8:00 pm. It`s now 12:00 noon the next day and look at all that ice! I can`t wait to use mine at the beach this weekend. Great product. Fast delivery. How could I not give this a "5 stars"?

  2. Before you pass up this cup based on complaints that the lid’s cap doesn’t rotate open far enough and hits you in the nose when you drink, please read this:When you open the lid’s cap, it will stop as you rotate it to the 90-degree (straight up) position. But the cap was apparently designed to be opened to about 120 degrees. When the cap hits the 90-degree position and stops, continue to gently rotate it. The cap will “click” and then continue to move, coming to rest at a final open position of about 120 degrees. And thanks to that little “click” you feel at 90 degrees, it will lock in that fully open position so the cap doesn’t fall onto your nose if you drink without using a straw.I can’t speak to any other complaints others may have, but the lid`s cap should clear your nose just fine if you open it all the way.

  3. I cant say enough about these RTIC tumblers. I got some as a gift last Christmas and when I saw them on sale this time I had to grab more. I use them nearly every day. I love that it keeps my water/drinks cold all night long. sometimes wake up in the morning and I still have ice cubes!Our family likes to use them in the summer when we go out on our boat. Put your beer, wine or mixed drink in them to keep them cold while we`re cruising the lake on a hot summer day. The lid helps with splashing and spilling while the double insulated layer keeps the beverages cold even on the hottest of days. One warning, don`t leave in direct sun for too long, it will eventually heat up the outside because you can put warm beverages in there.I`ve now purchased these as gifts for friends who`ve watch our dog and they`re great to give friends on a lake or who have pools.While I know Yeti is the prefer designer brand, the RTIC brand I feel holds up just as well and comes at a fraction of the price. Ill forever be purchasing these tumblers for gifts and whenever I need more.

  4. Had it about a month-6 weeks now. Bought mine after another company thought it would be funny to go political. Won`t use their products anymore.I just want a good cup! This is it. I like it better than my previous cup, color is excellent, no dings/scratches or dents at all. Lid is a better lid as well than the previous cup of the same size. I got the handle to go with it as well. Handle is about the same for quality, which is excellent on either cup.Price is a HECK of a lot better on this cup than the previous manufacturer. Got this blue one for me, Pink one for my wife. I`m a tea drinker, 30 oz of English breakfast each morning then water the rest of the day. No discolorations yet. Still looks brand new and keeps my drinks very warm or hot depending. I have to add about 1/5-1/4 of the cup full with ice in the morning or I can`t drink the tea as it`s too hot for hours without the ice. Same with any vacuum cup for me.

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