Free products:100 Colors Glitter Gel Pen Set, 30% More Ink Neon Glitter Coloring Pens Art Marker for Adult Coloring Books Bullet Journal Crafting Doodling Drawing – reviews Amazon

100 Colors Glitter Gel Pen Set, 30% More Ink Neon Glitter Coloring Pens Art Marker for Adult Coloring Books Bullet Journal Crafting Doodling Drawing

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LARGER SET: The Large glitter gel pens set on Amazon. No-Duplicated and 30% more ink for Long Lasting for Coloring Books. Also are Perfect glitter pens for kids and Girls.
SMOOTH APPLICATION: 0.8mm – 1.0mm fine point tip Glitter pens are just like gel markers would produce fine lines and make your journal vivid & shine. Color endlessly with soft grip barrel and extra ink, Such a perfect gel pens for adult coloring books.
EASY TO HOLD: Each Colored Pen is fitted with the Comfort Grip, You will easily be able to continue all your projects without suffering fatigue. Let your fingers relax this time. Whether this is a gift or you love pens, Aen Art Gel Pen set is ideal for everyday use.
Acid-free and non-toxic ink doesn’t smear, fade, or skip. Our Premium Sparkly Gel Pens are Great for Adult & Kids Coloring Books, School Projects, Party Invites, Greeting Cards, Doodling, DIY Decor, Letters to Friends….
Take your Aen Art Gel Pen Set wherever you go for non-stop creativity. We would care your orders until you are satisfied our products and service. Just contact us through “seller-buyer Message” if there is any question before ordering & after ordering

7 thoughts on “Free products:100 Colors Glitter Gel Pen Set, 30% More Ink Neon Glitter Coloring Pens Art Marker for Adult Coloring Books Bullet Journal Crafting Doodling Drawing – reviews Amazon”

  1.  These pens are amazing and so nice to use. I can not wait for my granddaughter to come here as she loves to draw. My wife is already telling me I need to order more sets as she does crafts and my other grandson also likes to draw !! anyhow I think you will be happy with how they work. Hard to believe there are so many choices of colors :-)Take careGrandpaJake 🙂

  2. I usually use Shuttle Art 40 count glitter gel pens, but picked these up on Amazon special. I`m so glad that I did! These pens color just as nicely as the Shuttle Art pens, are larger capacity pens with regard to ink, and have many more colors, especially green shades! Plus, they have rubber grips. They come in a pretty random order, so I reorganized mine to be in order of ink hue. Really great pens, especially if you get them on sale. I would definitely order them again!

  3. I love these pens! Great variety of colors and so smooth. No need to press down hard, you barely touch the paper and the ink comes out right where you want it. Will definitely buy again when they run out of ink!

  4. These gel pens flow nicely and last well. I had another set of all types and liked glitter the best, so looked for a set of glitter pens. The reviews were good overall, so I took a chance on these. I was not disappointed, the pens flow much more smoothly than the other brand I had, and I immediately ordered second set for my adult daughter.I deducted one star because about a third of them need some "priming" to get them flowing the first time, and since my other brand didn`t do this, I assume it is not the way they should be. Once that is done, they work great, the colours are indeed all different, with a nice variety of colours and shades.Hint for your coloring projects: leave the colors you use out of the case until you are done with the page/project — finding the same color again is not easy, there are so many! Also … in some cases, the color of the pen is only a vague indicator of the color (which cannot be helped) … have blank scrap paper ready to try out the colors before using them on your project.

  5. Let me start off by saying, I have gone through 8 sets of gel pens for my adult coloring books. I have never bought a duplicate set because I always have to shake the pens to loosen up the ink especially if they are glitter pens. With these pens I never have to shake them.I have bought 2 packs and about to order another one because I dont have to stop coloring from frustration with the pens.

  6. I love to do adult coloring. I have purchased Psalms, Proverbs, Inspiring Sayings cards from Amazon. They have a bit of a shiny surface, but these beautiful glitter gel pens work so well on them, especially if you let them dry for a while. On thin paper, they will bleed through. In my case, this isn`t a drawback because I glue these items onto my handmade cards. The colors are beautiful, some quite a bit similar, but gradients of each color. The glitter, shiny gel really stands out. I like the plastic case that the pens are in. I just place them beside me, and I can pick out the one I want and then reinsert them back into the case. All of the pens I`ve used have flowed well onto the paper, with the exception of the very, very light colors. But that`s the same with any pens or pencils (unless you use black paper, which I don`t). I highly recommend these, and I will rebuy them when needed. 3/6/18-I`d like to edit my review after using these pens for a while. First, I LOVE THE PENS AND THE BEAUTIFUL COLORS!!! They really make my pictures shine-literally. However, surfaces that have a shiny finish (like Psalms and Proverbs in the Amazon adult coloring section) take forever to dry. This is NOT the pens` fault-it is the glossy surface of the cards. Especially when I use dark colors on glossy surfaces, it takes over 24 hours to dry, and even then, it smears. I`m going to edit my reviews of these adult coloring items. On regular or flat (vs glossy) paper, the colors dry quickly and look awesome.

  7. I am absolutely ga ga in love with this set of 100 glitter gel pens and to be honest I did not expect to be at all.I’m a bit of a gel pen aficionado who specializes in the glitter variety. I have thousands of gel pens (see included photo of just a few of my favorites in my collection to prove it. The ones that don’t make it to these bags just go in a box because life is too short to waste on bad pens) and have tried pretty much every brand here on Amazon. I have $100 sets down to $7 sets and everything in between. I am telling you all of this so that you may know I have some knowledge of quality.Throughout my journey I have learned a lot of things, especially what I like and what I don’t like in a pen as well as what works and what doesn’t for me. This set just about covers all of my needs. The things it doesn’t have is refills available for purchase separately (but I am completely fine with that because the set itself is so inexpensive that it costs about the same to purchase a whole new set and I don’t care for matching refills with their matching tubes anyways) and it comes in that awful folding plastic package like all the other sets out there which I can’t stand but is also easily fixable by simply removing the pens and tossing that case! With the exception of the refills and the case, this set has the comfort grips, the tight caps, the fatter ink cartridge (which holds more ink and therefore lasts longer), the most individually unique color variety in the largest selection, super consistent and reliable flow, glides super smooth on the page, has the nice broad 1mm tip, dries decently fast without smearing, has SUPER sparkly ink, and excellent customer service. So basically to shorten it up: I’m in love!!!Seriously, every one of my sets seems to have the exact same colors and I’ve come to the conclusion that the ink all comes from the same manufacturer and the individual companies just package them differently. With this set though there are colors I have never seen before and they’re absolutely beautiful! I have included a couple photos of some of the more unique colors in this set to illustrate as well as a photo or two of some artwork I have done exclusively using these pens. There is even a pale, peachy pink skin tone one that works beautifully on my mermaids which is what started this whole journey in the first place (I couldn’t find a set that had a good skin tone color.) Also, the sparkle is up there with GelWriter and Gelly Roll’s in the amount of glitter it lays down. Absolutely beautiful!The other amazing thing about this set is how long the ink lasts, especially with how heavy the flow is! I have had gel pens go from brand new to empty before even finishing a page and here I am nearly done with an entire coloring book and I’m still at well over 2/3 the ink!!! I don’t know how they even accomplished this but they certainly did.If the saying “you get what you pay for” is true then these pens are the exception for sure. I overlooked this set for so long due to it’s price and I know that sounds stupid but I had purchased cheap sets in the past too many times and didn’t want any more junky pens that barely work. I am so glad I finally tried these though because otherwise I would never have found the perfect gel pen and my personal favorite. Now that I have I will not be purchasing any other sets and will instead just re-order these as needed. I never would have guessed that the cheapest set was the best set I’ve ever had! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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