Free products:Goplus 3HP 2 Piston V Style Twin Cylinder Air Compressor Head Pump (Black) – reviews Amazon

Goplus 3HP 2 Piston V Style Twin Cylinder Air Compressor Head Pump (Black)

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【Sturdy Structure】Equipped with an iron construction with cast cylinder sleeves, this pump head is designed for a long time use and is easy for maintenance.
【High Efficient Work】Max air delivery of 8.8 CFM, two mufflers with two high efficiency intake filters and V-style cylinder design for superior cooling, reduces moisture and extends the life of the air compressor pump.
【Oil Viewing Window】By observing the oil viewing window, it can monitor the oil capacity inside the machine in real time, and control the amount of oil when you adding the air compressor oil.
【Smooth Operation】The proven belt driven design is great for excellent compression & smooth running.
【Recommended Use】With the high exhaust efficiency, low noise, smooth operation and less fuel consumption, it’s the best choice for you.

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  1. Worked, pulled 30 inHg, so there`s that. Pump is quiet. Last pump I used was very noisy in comparison.Pulled a single star, for multiple, little reasons.1) Entire pump was covered in oil from manufacturing. First thought was the included pump oil had burst, but that was a sealed bottle, in a sealed bag. A few minutes with some shop rags, cleaned it right up.2) manual is written in Engrish (For those not familiar, imagine a stereotypical Chinese person speaking English, but it`s in print).3) No instructions on venting the extracted gas from the system. Has to go somewhere, right? There`s two caps, one for the oil fill (black cap in the listing, mine was blue), and the red cap, which I think is it (it`s not shown in the manual)? Either way, I loosened both to allow the evacuated gas to vent.4) The base is made from a relatively thick steel. the box was fine, packaging was adequate, but this plate was bent. It`s definitely a defect prior to packaging. Won`t affect performance, and it`ll sit flat enough on the shelf until I get to use it again.I`ve used this only twice, and in a 4 hour period (replaced the condenser, wanted to make sure the system held before replacing the dryer, then replaced the dryer after the system held), so I won`t be speaking of the reliability, long term.Would recommend for hobbyists and shadetree mechanics. If you`re looking to get something for a pro shop, you`re on the wrong listing.

  2. compressor works great. what would be better is a suggested link for a line between the compress and tank. I had to modify the existing line, old compressor was different.

  3. I mounted it as a replacement on a homemade 30 gal tank using a 100 lb propane tank, it works great, a bought one for another seller and shipped it back the same day, 40 psi tops. This one hits 125 with ease and is fairly quiet! I`d buy it again!

  4. Don`t expect too much and you won`t be disappointed. Good for weekend users, probably not for the professional except as a tempory backup. I dought this will hold up to everyday use.

  5. It would be great if there were instructions or information of any kind that came with this thing. The quality is decent, it works when I run it. The plastic filters are flimsy, one was broken in the box. The packaging is bad. Mine came already opened because the tape had broken through. I`m wondering if that is how my filter broke and someone just threw it back int there.

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