Free products:3Doodler Start 3D Printing Filament Refill Bundle (X4 Pack of Plastic) – Spectrum, Compatible with Start 3D Pen for Kids – reviews Amazon

3Doodler Start 3D Printing Filament Refill Bundle (X4 Pack of Plastic) - Spectrum, Compatible with Start 3D Pen for Kids

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Designed safe for ages 6 to use.
The 3Doodler Start plastics have been subjected to the strictest standards of safety testing.
Easy-to-use and mess-free.
Non-toxic and BPA-free.
4 Filament refill packs, 24 pieces in each pack a total of 96 strands of 3D drawing and doodling fun!
Compatible with 3Doodler start 3D Printing pen. Not for 3Doodler Create /Create/V2/V1.
Includes: white, Mint, red, yellow, blue, orange, green, grey, black, brown, cappuccino, peaches & cream, baby pink, baby Blue, purple

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  1. Last year for Christmas, I had gotten my 10 year old daughter a 3doodler 2.0. We discovered only too late that it was a horrible gift for kids, which is a shame for it is a wonderful way to explore creativity. I say that it was a horrible gift, as that version required waiting for a while for it to heat up, getting to know its various states of humming to determine if it was ready to use, avoiding the external hot parts and then the absurd difficulty in cleaning it.This version is great for kids, for several reasons. First, there are no cords to get tangled up in; it`s wireless, unless you are charging it. There are no external hot parts, so no getting burned with the extremely hot tip that you would find on the original style of 3doodler. The strands for this are different from the original ones, called "eco-plastic". It has a much quicker warm up time, which is nice . It also has a slower hardening time, which has its perks, too. You have a little time to shape it with your fingers, before it sets.Whether this kit or the 3Doodler Start Super Mega Pen Set is the right option for you, only you can decide. I have both (so that I can do activities with my daughter)The Essentials kit:The essential pack for creating in 3DThe 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen2 Mixed Packs of 3Doodler Start Eco-PlasticComplete with project booklet and micro-USB cableSuper Mega Pen Set:The 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen8 Colored Packs of 3Doodler Start Eco-Plastic8 Themed DoodleBlocksComplete with project booklet and micro-USB cableYou save $50 going this route, initially… But, it will cost you $10 more if you decide to buy everything ala carte.All that said, like the original 3doodler, this isn`t about instant gratification. It takes time to make things of any scale with it, and requires a bit of tenacity for a child to spend hour(s) building something strand by strand. Before getting this as a gift, it`s worth noting whether or not the child in question has that sort of perseverance.

  2. I think this thing is awesome!That said, I do have a couple of warnings to consider. First, it will get really expensive! The sticks don`t go very far at all. (The package claims each 6 inch stick will give you 60 inches of play, so I`m going to assume we just need more practice to get that much, as I`m guessing most others will, too.) With this set, you`ll get 2 packs of the sticks(48 total sticks…6 each of white, mint green, yellow, orange, blue, red, green, and grey). You`ll use those up super quick! These sticks are biodegradable, BPA-free and labeled as "safe". From what I`ve read, you`ll need these specific sticks to go with the 3Doodler.Also, every time you put a new color stick through the pen, you`ll be wasting a bit of the previous stick, unless it works into your design. The whole stick won`t completely feed through until you put another one in there to push it on out.It takes a great deal of practice to get anything worthwhile to turn out. I have 3 little boys and they all want a chance at practicing, so even more sticks are used up in that process. So far, we haven`t came up with anything close to what is shown in the practice book, but none of us can call ourselves overly skilled in the artistic realm at this point in time.All of that said, IF your budget allows for buying lots of sticks to go with this pen, it truly is awesome! (Or you could request packs of these sticks as grandparent presents for the kids.) 😉 Letting a child use his/her imagination with this thing is an amazing opportunity, and I definitely recommend it. (I even recommend it for adults, too, because we all need a little childish fun every once in awhile!)It`s easy to use. Just charge it up with the included micro USB cable(or do like me and use your kindle charger), turn it on and wait for the light to turn green. Then, press the button to start it and press it again to stop it. Simple! As I mentioned earlier, there is a book with instructions and some ideas to practice and get started with the pen. There`s no worries about getting burned. I tested it out, and while the plastic is a little warm when it first comes out, it`s not even close to hot. This allows for a little wiggle room for moving around your design before it completely dries.In the end, other than the sticks being a costly investment, this is a great little invention, and we`ve loved it so far!

  3. The filament is good, but EXPENSIVE! (And this is the best deal on it I`ve found.) Anyone contemplating getting a 3DoodlerStart pen should take into account that the cost to use the pen is quite high. We have found that the filament doesn`t last nearly as long as what 3Doodler says it will. You will likely find that you go through this filament at an alarming rate. We love the pen and this filament works fine. It would be nice if more colors were available. The very limited color choices are another thing to consider for anyone looking to purchase a 3DoodlerStart. Colors outside of this Primary Pow and the other Fire and Ice set are very hard to find and are often only found as part of a kit. For example, I`d love to be able to purchase purple filament, but I`ve only found it as part of a kit that I don`t need. I haven`t found it available to purchase on its own.

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