Free products:Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Ash (latest) – reviews Amazon

Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Ash (latest)

Chapter 7. 9-inch retinal display screen, true tone, color width
A12 bionic chip
Touch ID fingerprint sensor
8 megapixel rear camera, 70 megapixel FaceTime high-definition front camera
stereo speaker
802.11ac Wi-Fi, with Gigabit LTE cellular data
battery life of up to 10 hours

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  1. Upgraded from an ipad mini 2 and the performance difference is amazing! Much faster. Love the screen, very clear and setup was a snap. Best and most powerful small tablet on the market and runs all aps quickly and smoothly. Very small and light, easy to hold in one hand. Battery life is simply stunning at about 10 hours. Can`t recommend highly enough for those looking for a smaller tablet. Great for reading books from as it the size of a book.

  2. Bought this to replace my original iPad mini (2013), could not be happier. Excellent screen, quick processor, and smooth OS. Chose this over the pro simply because I wanted something portable in between my iPhone 7 Plus and MacBook Pro. No issues so far.

  3. This is so far the best and most advanced iPad that I have ever owned. As a brief history I have owned the iPad mini 3 and the iPad 5th generation. The new A12 chip makes this iPad so fast and fluid and is honestly more power than I will ever need in my day to day use of this product. I love that this iPad has a fully laminated display it makes reading on it so much better and of course it eliminates that annoying air gap that is on the budget iPad 5th and 6th gen. Another of the great features of this iPad is the True Tone display that adjusts the display to the lighting conditions of the room your in. This makes it much easier on your eyes when your using the iPad and it’s effects are in my opinion most notable when reading. The battery life on this iPad is excellent and the A12 chip is to thank for that since it’s very efficient, with how much I use it I can go for days on a single charge though of course your mileage will vary based on use and other settings. The mini definitely falls into an odd market as it has the same specs as the new iPad Air just in a much smaller form factor, so I’d definitely recommend the mini if you’ve got an older iPad and want to upgrade without breaking the bank and don’t mind the smaller form factor or even prefer your iPads in a more portable form. Also if your looking to buy an iPad for the first time and you want one that isn’t exactly a budget model but at the same time you don’t want to spend the kind of money it takes to get a pro model then the mini 5 might just be for you. I’m in the camp of people that prefer this smaller form as it’s easier to port around and if you read books on it it’s not going to tire your arm out like the larger models. The mini definitely has a viable market even in 2019 and I believe is worth a look if your curious about how an iPad of this size compares to the much larger versions that Apple sells.

  4. Perfect, exactly what I was waiting for. I was (am) an owner of the original gen1 iPad Mini, which I loved. However, it has become too slow for most use cases and is 2 iOS revs back, so I had to upgrade. I was holding out for an update, not wanting to purchase the Mini-4 which is already 2 years old. The Mini-5 is very fast, responsive and the perfect size for how I use an iPad.

  5. I`ve had a couple of small Android tablets for reading books and newspapers (via Kindle) and general web articles. This beats those tablets for three reasons. First, the pixel resolution is better. Second, the 4:3 screen ratio is better for reading compared to the 16:9 and 16:10 ratios on the other two tablets. Third, It looks to me that Amazon has better IOS than Android Kindle software. The Android software will sometimes get the pages of the newspaper messed up (NY Times) requiring the software to be reloaded. I have not seen that yet with this tablet.I bought the space gray color with the base 64G of storage. I did pay extra for the 4G capability because I had a low cost subscription from T-Mobile. The nano-sim quickly moved from my old tablet to this one. I have not tried their eSim option. The overall quality and feel is good but it does better wrapped in a slim no-slip case for carrying around. I`m using a Soke case. The screen is supposed to resist finger smudges but I don`t think so plus it seems to be harder to clean.It`s certainly pricey compared to other options especially when you opt for 4G. I probably would have bought the WiFi only version if I did not have such a good data subscription. I expect to keep this for several years so I hope the battery lasts or is easy to change.

  6. I owned an iPad Mini 2 since 2014, but that is getting slow year by year. I wanted a faster tablet with the same size and the Apple finally decided to continue the mini line, so could replace it. I hope it will serve me well for the next 3-5 years. Thanks Apple, and please keep supporting the mini line for so long!

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