Free products:Campbell's Condensed Bean with Bacon Soup, 11.25 Ounce – reviews Amazon

Campbell's Condensed Bean with Bacon Soup, 11.25 Ounce

Enjoy this hearty blend of white beans, bacon and carrots in a savory tomato puree
Non-BPA-lined 11.25 oz. can
Excellent source of Fiber, Good source of Iron
Low in cholesterol, No artificial flavors
Made for Real, Real Life

8 thoughts on “Free products:Campbell's Condensed Bean with Bacon Soup, 11.25 Ounce – reviews Amazon”

  1. This is an old reliable soup that never disappoints. Savory, smokey and relatively low in fat and calories. Americans worry way too much about sodium intake. If you don`t have high blood pressure, you shouldn`t worry about it at all. Even if you do, the effects of sodium are transient and go away as you flush water through your system. Nothing unhealthy about it if you manage it properly.

  2. When I found out my grown daughter who lives in another state was under the weather I was excited to be able to send her our favorite soup! We even enjoy adding some hot dogs to it if we are wanting a hearty meal. I would not suggest diluting it with a full can of water, we use half, because you get a nicer richer broth with less.

  3. Giant by me seems to always either run out of this soup or does not supply it anymore. Very disappointing. So I went to Amazon, for this soup and ordered 6 cans. I love putting some dried basil in the soup as it is warming up. It gives that extra flair to the soup. I do that when I make ham and bean soup from scratch as well.

  4. Soup is good, doesnt taste like it did when I was a kid- but nothing ever does, does it? This is a favorite in my home.

  5. I keep this soup on hand at ALL times. I purchase 6 at a time. GREAT TASTE !

  6. One of my all time favorites. Very filling and tastes great.I grew up eating Campbell`s soup,and love an easy meal.

  7. Campbell`s Condensed Bean with Bacon Soup is a rich and flavorable soup that`s perfect for cold and rainy weather. Sometimes we add bacon bits or sauteed onions just for a change. Being from the South, we serve ours with cornbread muffins. This hearty soup is a family favorite of ours. Highly recommended!

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