Free products:Heinz Dill Relish (12.7 oz Bottle) – reviews Amazon

Heinz Dill Relish (12.7 oz Bottle)

Convenient inverted squeeze bottle of dill relish
Classic dill pickle relish that adds the perfect blend of tanginess to your favorite food
Gluten free, certified Kosher
Product of the USA

7 thoughts on “Free products:Heinz Dill Relish (12.7 oz Bottle) – reviews Amazon”

  1. I decided to try the dill relish verses the sweet relish and loved it.

  2. This is the best item next to dill pickles!already cut up and ready to use. I enjoy the dill relish squeeze bottle, wish there was more pickle and less juice is my only complaint.

  3. I just love dill relish on so many things! Chicken sandwiches especially! Yuum!

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