Free products:Kitchen Basics Original Chicken Stock, Spice and Herb All Natural Flavoring, 32 oz – reviews Amazon

Kitchen Basics Original Chicken Stock, Spice and Herb All Natural Flavoring, 32 oz

All natural, 32 oz gluten free chicken stock provides endless options in the kitchen
Low sodium chicken stock is the only stock certified Heart-Healthy by the American Heart Association, with 47 percent less sodium than the average broth brand
Flavorful stock has no MSG added, zero grams of fat, and is allergen tested
Slowly simmered to greatness with chicken, vegetables and the finest quality herbs & spices
Inspired by homemade chicken stock contained in a convenient recyclable carton

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  1. I ordered some of this chicken stock for holiday cooking. I like using a good stock to make a flavorful gravy, and these boxed stocks are very useful. Yes, I could make my own stock, but it`s time consuming–I guess I flunk French cooking 101.This is purely subjective, but this has a deeper savory chicken flavor than some of the others I`ve tried. It`s not highly salty (a good stock should be a bit salty, which gets diluted out while you`re cooking).I liked it. It may be one of the better and more flavorful chicken stocks I`ve found.

  2. I use chicken stock in place of water in every single recipe and it makes a world of difference. I can`t even recall how many boxes of this I use, but it is fabulous for soups, rice, braising meat, even pasta. I keep this on my order list almost every time I make a Pantry Box order.

  3. I now use Kitchen Basics Original Chicken Stock because it tastes really good as compared to the diluted flavor of a well-known canned chicken stock from a different provider that I used for years. Now that I read all ingredients labels, I discovered that Kitchen Basics chicken stock does not contain high-fructose corn syrup which is a cheap "non-food" ingredient used by most corporate food companies except Kitchen Basics. I just now purchased a dozen boxes of Kitchen Basics as the new staple in my pantry.

  4. I`m too busy to make homemade stock regularly right now, so this product has been a great substitute as a component in my homemade soups. I`m watching my sodium intake, so roasting fresh vegetables to add to this stock plus some onions, garlic and other herbs that have been started in a little butter has been an easy way to pull together various soup recipes with much less salt per serving than typical canned soup.Instead of simmering the bones from a roasted chicken for hours, I can open this handy container and make a little or a lot of soup even after work with little fuss. It also makes a tasty rice if substituted for some of the cooking water.This is now a pantry staple. Forget cooking with the watered down flavor of BROTH. You want the robust flavor of a good stock whether chicken, beef or vegetable. If you get the low sodium or no sodium varieties, you can make tastier foods for people with restricted diets due to high blood pressure.

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