Free products:Knorr Homestyle Stock Chicken Concentrated Broth, Chicken 4.66 oz, 4 ct – reviews Amazon

Knorr Homestyle Stock Chicken Concentrated Broth, Chicken 4.66 oz, 4 ct

Our delicious Homestyle Chicken Stock is simmered to perfection — a low-fat, cholesterol-free addition to your kitchen
No MSG Added
Low fat
Cholesterol Free
Add amazing flavor to any meal with Knorr Homestyle Stock Chicken

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  1. These are really convenient and tasty. As with the Knorr beef concentrate, the jelly-like composition and the high concentration of the stock take a little getting used to – you just cannot believe that that tiny little tub is going to be enough. Until it dissolves and spreads around, it looks also like little yellowish clumps of goo; luckily, that is only temporary. If you are not using a whole tub, leave what you didn`t use in the tub and place it into a small reusable plastic container; it will keep in the refrigerator for a while.I have read that this makes a wonderful rub for chicken to boost the poultry flavor but that is not my experience. It is hard to rub into or onto the chicken and just balls up and rolls off, nine times out of ten. If I want to boost the poultry flavor, i.e. not using sage, thyme, cumin, or tarragon, I use Podravka Vegeta powder. It spreads easily and adds a nice background without MSG. I found that this is better to dissolve into water to make a liquid stock or broth for soups and sauces than on its own.

  2. I`ve always thought Knorr sauce packets had great flavors. When I saw these stock packets at the grocery story, I was sceptical but gave them a try. I`m so glad I did. They are very handy since they don`t require refrigeration and much better tasting than bouillon cubes or granules. I was happy afterwards to find them easily and for a great price in Amazon Prime Pantry. They weigh so little they`re great to fill up those last few ounces of space. They help make soups richer, I throw them in the crock pot with beans, throw one in the rice cooker with the rice, use one for creating sauce for stir fries… there are lots of uses and they keep well so I buy several boxes each of beef and chicken and keep them around.

  3. I love making stock, but it`s not an easy process. A good cook should always have chicken, beef and fish stock frozen away for use. Stock is an important ingredient in really good food.But now I cheat since this became available. I now make the best, most unctuous gravy at Thanksgiving because of Knoor`s stock. It tastes like 20 chickens were roasted to make the stock. I usually put one container in a quart or so of gravy. I`ve turned bad gravy into kind of good gravy with this stuff. I usually keep a few around just in case.I cannot recommend this enough.

  4. Like many people, I use stock / broth a lot. I usually buy the quart-size cartons for a variety of reasons. My Prime Pantry box was nearly full, and this item popped up when I knew I needed to replenish – so I figured I`d give it a shot. I`ve used it once so far, and this is a first impression…It`s a little less convenient than the cartons. It`s more like bullion cubes / powder – you have to boil water if you want it to dissolve. Hot tap water doesn`t cut it. Because what I was making (green bean & mushroom casserole) wouldn`t be affected, I actually didn`t boil the water, or use a the full 3.5 cups the directions say. Decently hot and about 1.75 cups was good enough for what I needed. Before adding to the dish, I took a quick taste. It`s at least as good as the "normal" packaged stock.But WOW, it`s way saltier than I`m used to. Of course that`s partly because I buy low sodium versions of everything I can. Also, I only used half the water I was supposed to. But there`s still a LOT of salt in this product. Comparing what I have in my pantry right now:Kitchen Basics Unsalted Chicken Stock = 5% daily value for NaKitchen Basics Original Chicken Stock = 18% daily value for NaKnorr Homestyle Concentrated Stock = 31% daily value for Na(looks like even the reduced sodium Knorr still has 21% daily value)So, the Knorr stock has fully 6 times more salt what I`ve typically been using. Maybe that`s why it tastes so good? (the casserole was fabulous) I am not overly concerned about salt, but I prefer to add salt IF NECESSARY rather than have the decision made for me by a manufacturer. Next time I but I will probably give the reduced sodium version a try if its price goes down to something more reasonable. But in the meantime I will take the saltiness into account and continue to use this stuff.Speaking of price, it`s a relative bargain compared to what I paid recently for 1q cartons. On sale the cheapest cartons locally were about double the price per quart. Add to that the reduced space required in my (very tiny) pantry, and I`m willing to compromise a little on other factors. It`s a bit hard to measure meaningfully, but I can probably fit at least 8 quarts worth (probably more like 10 or 12) of the Knorr in the same space as a 1 quart carton.

  5. I discovered Knorr Concentrated Broth a year or so ago and have used it exclusively ever since. It`s very flavorful, has less salt than the dried cubes (although it still has enough to help develop cooking flavors), is so easy to use, and takes up much less space in the cupboard than cans or boxes of broth. The directions say to use one packet to 3 1/2 cups of water but I usually only add 2 – 2/12 cups water for more flavor. My only complaint is that my local groceries have stopped carrying it – but thanks to Amazon I can still get it!

  6. I have been using this product for over 6 years and find it to be excellent for soups, stews and vegetables. However, you must consider these are concentrated therefore they are very salty. (Less than cubes) Don`t make the mistake of double salting. You have to estimate your liquid contain of the dish you are cooking and adjust accordingly. I notice that many users fail to recognize this and end up with salty dishes. If you use this as instructed, you will be very pleased with the results. Knorr`s makes excellent tasting sauces, seasonings and dishes.

  7. I discovered these little blobs of goodness here on Amazon a while back. Not sure why, but none of my grocers carry them. I make at least one pot of soup a week, many times several pots. These provide such a rich chicken flavor to my broth and are so easy to use. I use a 6qt Instant Pot and drop 3 of these in along with seasoned chicken and veggies, then fill with water. Perfect every time! I`m going to try and use them in pan sauces as well.

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