Free products:Planters Lightly Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces (8 oz Canister) – reviews Amazon

Planters Lightly Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces (8 oz Canister)

One 8 oz. canister of Planters Lightly Salted Cashews Halves & Pieces
Planters Lightly Salted Cashews Halves & Pieces are a delicious snack
Sprinkled with sea salt for the perfect balance of savory flavor and crunchy texture
Contains 50% less sodium than Planters Cashews Halves & Pieces
Features carefully chosen cashews from around the globe
Perfect for those keeping Kosher
Packed in an airtight container to maintain that fresh, satisfying crunch
Resealable canister of cashews prevents spills for easy travel snacking

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  1. My favorite brand of cashew halves. This can seemed a bit more salty though, more like the regular can and not `lightly salted` as stated on the packaging. I probably received a bad batch. Flavor is great though. Good to eat on their own or tossed in the skillet when making Asian chicken dishes, or even added into your favorite yogurt with a few raisons.

  2. I include tree nuts and peanuts in my daily diet for the protein and good fat they provide … and heck, also because they taste darn good!Planters Lightly Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces is an incredible Prime Pantry value. The cashews are fresh; the halves and pieces sizes perfect for eating. I prefer the lightly salted version as I have found the "regular" salt version too salty for my taste. Too much salt on a cashew conflicts with its natural sweetness; this lightly salted version is perfect.

  3. Well, it is hard to find people who don`t like cashews. My husband is crazy about them, so I like to getthe pieces and halves for him. I use them in recipes as well. The cans are always fresh, tasty andsmell great too!You can chop them up a little more for other recipes. I have replaced the almonds in lap salad with these cashew piecesand it is fabulous. I usually end up hiding a can to keep for recipes, or they mysteriously "disappear" whenever my husbandknows we have them.Great brand, great cashews, yummm!

  4. Another great Prime Pantry buy – this time as a treat for my husband who loves many types of nuts.The cashew halves and pieces were very fresh and lightly salted – but not overdone as some salted nuts can be.These were thoroughly enjoyed by hubby who *graciously* let me have a handful 🙂 ……and they were indeed really nice. And there were far more halves in the tin than there were smaller pieces, which was a bonus.Overall a lovely treat that didn`t last long enough! We recommend them and would buy again.

  5. I normally buy the store brands of these because Cashews are so expensive. I decided to get the brand name this time and got reminded what Cashews are supposed to taste like! It just amazes me how the exact same product from different manufacturers/processors can taste so different. I think I`m going to stick with the Planters brand from now on, at least when I can afford the extra expense. It truly is the premium TASTE brand!

  6. True honesty they were delicious how ever I wish that they were locked in a larger container and could last longer because they went in one day my bad so sad I ate them all in one day but I think that`s okay because they were lightly salted but could we please get them in a larger container they were so delicious

  7. The cashews had a very nice taste, lightly roasted and lightly salted. They`re not the best quality but they make a great snack.The can I received had mostly cashew halves, some whole cashews and a couple of pieces. I use the halves and whole cashews for snacking; the little pieces that gather at the bottom of the can work great in baking products or sprinkled on salads.My review is for the Planters Cashew Halves & Pieces, Lightly Salted.

  8. Ok, lets face it, I like nuts, especially cashews! Let me say, these are delicious, soft enough I can chew them, I have several missing teeth, so that`s saying something! The flavor is fabulous! I recommend these highly! Great nut for your buying price. Well worth the purchase!

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