Free products:Stearns Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket | Life Vest for Children – reviews Amazon

Stearns Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket | Life Vest for Children

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US Coast Guard-approved life jacket Type V/III; substitutes for a Type III PFD when worn
Premium fabric construction with softer, woven polyester for less chafing
Black fish design inspires more fun in the water
Comfortable design for freedom of movement; gives beginning swimmers more confidence
Adjustable buckle snaps in back and ensures a secure fit; fits children 30 to 50 pounds

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  1. Purchased this for my 15 month old who is average height and a little skinny. He still has some chunkiness to him though. I saw reviews stating that this is not actually a life jacket and I thought "duh" because when I purchased it the information stated it was not a life jack but now it says it is a life jacket. I would personally not rely on it as a life jacket on a boat or anything. Between the material and foam it`s similar to putting thier arms into floaties. If your child is especially chunky this could cause issues.My son has been in the water at a very early age and wants freedom so that is why I purchased this even though it`s technically a little big on him. There is nothing on thier back so if they flop back and cannot hold thier head out of the water it could be an issue for you. It is important with relying on any floatation device to know what your child is capable of AND you never leave them unattended by water.Also, reviews of "my child didn`t like it" I find laughable. 2 two old not liking something at first? Welcome to parenthood. My son did not like it at first but we made him feel comfortable and honestly at his age and with his determination it`s the only way he can be in our pool at the moment.Comfort? It`s bulky but my kid rocks it and spend hours in the pool climbing in and out.As far as quality – I expected this to last maybe 1 season which is about how long our bathing suits last with the amount we swim. I purchased this 3 months ago and with regular use and exposed to hot sun drying it has begun fading and the design is coming off. The foam is not as stiff. So I`d say my guess is that it will not last to next year.I bought this on a `lightening sale` and am very happy with my purchase.

  2.  He`s 10 months-old today, weighing about 8.5 kg/ 19 lbs and has decided that he is too big for a baby floatie ring. He loves the independence of the Puddle-Jumper and independently changes from feet forward to feet under to feet back, all with head out of the water. He deliberately dips his mouth in though to taste the water! I`ve used these before for kids 15 months to 8 years, but 8 months was a first. He cries in protest if we put him in the baby ring! The Puddle Jumper gives freedom!! Big brother is the sizeof a 6-7 year-old and still wears the same Puddle-Jumper on a looser setting.

  3.  My 2 year old daughter LOVES this and is so confidant in the water when wearing it. My son had one years ago, and I remember not liking them. I`m not sure what has changed since, but it`s great. She can float on her back with them, or swim with her belly down, but her head will not go under water. She does go on a slide into the pool sometimes, which causes her to dunk under, but she pops right back up and loves it!

  4. My 2 year old loves kicking around and having some independence in this. And he kicks his little legs so hard he burns off a lot of energy, which I appreciate. He has a LOT more fun with this on than he does without it and just with me holding him.However, as a former lifeguard, I have mixed feelings about this. I do think that floaties give both parents and children a false sense of security in the water, so if you`re going to use them, do not take your eyes off your child for a second. Not one. And make sure your child doesn`t have access to a pool because they may not realize that they can`t float and kick around like that without their floaties and just jump in thinking they can play without them. I`m sure everyone knows this, but I don`t think it caution can be expressed enough when it comes to toddlers and pools.

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