Free products:ThinkFun Math Dice Fun Game that Teaches Mental Math Skills to Kids Age 8 and Up – reviews Amazon

ThinkFun Math Dice Fun Game that Teaches Mental Math Skills to Kids Age 8 and Up

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WHAT YOU GET – Includes 2 target dice, 3 scoring dice, lesson booklet, and game go storage bag for easy cleanup and storage.
CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS – Easy to learn with a clear, high quality instruction manual. You can start playing immediately!
DEVELOPS CRITICAL SKILLS – Builds mental math and problem solving skills through fun gameplay.
CLASSROOM TESTED AND APPROVED – Math Dice was given the GEI institute seal of approval, and is used in elementary math classrooms all across the United States.
AWARD WINNER – Parents Choice Gold Award, Global Educator`s Institute Seal of Endorsement.

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  1. Very simple and fun game. You roll the two white dice and multiply the numbers together to get your "target" number. Then you roll the three blue dice, and the player to come up with the "math sentence" that has an answer closest to the target number wins the round. You can add, subtract, multiply, divide, group the numbers, and use exponents. I bought this as a summer activity to help my 5th grader work on memorizing math facts and perform mental math. Within minutes he was grouping, multiplying, dividing, and even using exponents (which he had never done before–learned it instantly!). Effective and fun way to boost math skills. He continued to play for over an hour by himself after we finished playing our first game!

  2. This made my kids love math! The game itself is so simple and involves a rolling of the dice followed by multiplication, addition or subtraction in an effort to match the sum of the numbers on the dice. In the era of the ipad and computer games, I was very surprised that this captured the attention of my 6 and 7 year old. They beg me to play with them and they are really learning too. I had purchased this as a stocking stuffer because the price was good and the reviews were good, but I never expected this item to be the toy they have continued to play with all year.

  3. We are all about educational games, and this couldn`t have come at a better time, as my daughter is strengthening her multiplication skills.You need 4-6 players for this game, which can be a little bit of a challenge for us as my youngest doesn’t know how to multiply yet. So we have saved this game for when we have enough people to play.The game consists of:4 dice (2 blue 2 purple) and a storage bag (and instructions, which can also be found on their website)The goal is to pass the dice around, multiplying your two numbers fast enough (and correctly!) so that you aren’t stuck with both the purple and blue die at the same time.I think this game is a fun way to help kids with their recall when it comes to multiplication tables, and I like that it brings in a fun element, making it a game.The dice come with a little drawstring storage bag, which is compact and easy to travel with as well.A great game to add to our collection!I received this game in exchange for my honest review.

  4. We love this game!!! I have kids ages from 5 up to 15 who are actively playing this game. Its easy to take with us on the go. Keeps our minds busy while waiting for doctors etc. It a great game to even play for 5 mins with the 5 yr old. This game is well worth the money!!! I highly suggest this game for any family. We are a homeschool family and it is a perfect addition to our day!!!

  5. My 6.5 year old loves this game and has for about 6 months. It is easy to play, doesn`t take any special equipment beyond what it comes with, and is fun. The goal is to use addition and subtraction to sum up the numbers on 5 colored dice to get to a target number, and you get to move your game piece one space for every die you successfully use in a round, so it`s advantageous to use as many as possible. The trick is that you have to do the math in your head quickly and then yell "math dice" first–only that person gets to show the combo they came up with. The first player to move their game piece around the given board wins. (The board is very tiny–we usually end up going around 2-3 times per game.) When we play with our son, though, my husband and I have to basically hold back to give my son a chance, because obviously a grownup can add a lot faster than a 6 year old. Still, we are able to jump in just enough to push him and get him thinking faster and in a more complex way, which is the best part of this game. For instance, in the months we`ve had this, he`s figured out how to do more complex strings using both addition and subtraction to maximize the number of dice used (e.g., 3 4 2-1=8 to use 4 dice instead of 3 4 1=8 to only use 3 dice). You don`t have to do things that complicated (you could start out with only addition, for instance), but that`s part of the strategy and what makes it a game more than just math drills. I think what ages this is for really depends on the child. My son is pretty fast at adding and subtracting, and he can do much of it in his head. I know he`s played with other 6 year old friends and they struggled quite a bit. So you kind of have to know your kid. Can your kid add and subtract numbers totaling up to 12? Can they add/subtract more than one number in a row (e.g., 2 2 3)? And can they do it in their head? They don`t necessarily have to do those thing super well yet, but they do need to be able to do them a little. Also think about who the child will play with–it`s best if they can play with kids at a similar math skill level so one person doesn`t dominate.I do like that Math Dice Jr encourages my son to think about math, but apart from that it`s just a fun, simple game that doesn`t take too long to play. It`s a winner for us!

  6. Love this game! We play several different varioations. I use the white die as our main number and with 2 players using 2 dice each roll to see who gets closest to that number, the player closest gets to move 1 space, If they roll `exact` they go 2 spaces. Also we mix it up with division and if what we roll w/our 2 dice is divisible by the number on the white die or not and also do multiplication with it … so mant different ways to play. **another review said this doesnt come with game pcs for the board, ours DID come with6 colored pcs so up to 6 players depending on what kind of game you create! Definitely adds some fun during math time with homeschooling! (My son is 9)

  7. This was exactly what I was looking for! My grandkids can grow with this game as you can use all or some of the dice to suit their age level and ability. Keep them at the table and play a couple rounds before you all leave dinner! Use them for number identification, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even division. You can even make up story problems and use them as visuals!

  8. I purchased this game not realizing that it`s a 4 or more person game. I liked the previous Math Dice games, so bought it. I made up my own rules and made it a two-person game I play with my students. The chase part of the game is still great.

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