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  1. This Masala butternut squash soup is silky and flavorful. The ingredient list includes butternut squash, coconut milk, carrot, apple, ginger, soy sauce, garlic and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Note, for people with sensitivities, the soup contains wheat soy and coconut. Utterly delicious, the flavor is nicely balanced. Before checking what was in it I could taste the coconut milk, soy sauce and ginger.Not condensed, so do not dilute, and whether hot or cold, this soup tastes excellent. Toasted pumpkin seeds or fresh basil leaves are good choices for toppings. Each 17 ounce carton contains two 210 calorie servings. There are 10 grams of fat (9 saturated), probably from the coconut milk since there is no other added fat. Other notable numbers include 30 grams carbohydrate, high 16 grams sugar, 2 grams both protein and fiber. If watching salt intake, like most prepared soups it is quite high – 850mg sodium (35 percent daily value.) Delicious.Cartons like this are easy to open, just lift up on the side flaps, squeeze where indicated and then tear off the perforated strip at the top edge. No can opener needed. And, if desired, a serving can be poured out and the rest refrigerated for use within 7 days. Small boxes like this also take up less pantry shelf space. As an estimate of shelf-life, the box I received has a Best By date 16 months in the future, but this will vary. I will definitely buy in the future.

  2. Delicious, thick, creamy, butternut squash soup with a very rich and tasty flavor. I really love this soup. My favorite in this new line, so far. The only catch is that it is extremely high in sodium and also high in calories, so can only be an occasional treat for me. But it is very tasty, for sure, and makes a quick and delicious meal.

  3. Dang, this soup is good! I didn`t know what to expect, but it`s so flavorful that I don`t have to doctor it in any way, just heat & eat.

  4. AwwwwyeahhhhhI was skeptical and waite duntil the last minute to use this [literally 1 day from "best by" date] and it was incredibleI added a little butter and pepper to this, and it had lots of flavor and just a twang of kick.

  5. I usually CAN NOT stand butternut squash soup!!! I like butternut squash but am always dissapointed in the soup. There is never enough flavor or it tastes like it should be a pie filling. I bought this on a whim and was so surprised I LOVED it! Of course I do have to put out there that I am a fan of indian food so the spices did not catch me off guard and there was a nice balance that didn`t overwhelm you. So, if you have someone like me who is hesitant about eating vegetables (silly story) give a try you never know.

  6. I think that this has become my favorite store purchased soup. It would probably be a bit sweet for some people, but I totally enjoy consuming the entire box in a sitting without any crackers or other additions after getting it really hot before eating it from a nice soup bowl with a large soup spoon. The combination of flavors is very nice to the pallet. The price is a bit high and is similar to soup you might purchase at a restaurant. But it is I feel restaurant quality and I have ordered it a number of times and will purchase again soon.

  7. Soooo good! This stuff is really tasty. I tried it both as soup on its own as well as adding it to things (I used it once instead of cream and butter in instant mashed potatoes — it was wonderful!). It`s creamy with a great masala flavor. It`s not the most filling of soups, so I wouldn`t use it as the center of a meal, but it would make a great side.My only regret is that I didn`t notice sooner that it contains sugar. That and the relatively high calorie content might keep me from buying it again, but if you have plenty of room for high-calorie foods and no sugar issues, I highly recommend it!

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